7.5 inch three color electronic paper desk card

7.5 inch three color electronic paper desk card,

with information of attendees changing at any time in different conference scenes,

one click layout of conference scenes.

The Bluetooth intelligent electronic paper table card system is a complete system that includes hardware, software, backend, and mobile APP. Based on low-power Bluetooth or supplemented by NFC data transmission, the table card content is displayed on the electronic paper table card display screen. The wireless electronic table card adopts a double-sided 7.5 inch three color (black, white, and red) electronic paper screen, which has characteristics such as bistability, wide viewing angle, and high contrast. It can replace traditional paper or LCD desk cards, achieve flexible modification, remote control, and backend management, improve the efficiency of conference deployment, provide customers with a new technological experience, enhance corporate image, and further achieve paperless office and energy-saving and environmental protection social benefits.

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