10.8 inch two-color electronic paper notebook

10.8-inch two-color electronic paper notebook, due to the monitor itself not emitting light, fully cares for children’s eyes.

The device adopts low power consumption and is also developed for children.

Unrelated programs cannot access the system, helping children concentrate on learning.

Electronic paper work This is a 10.8-inch black and white electronic paper, replacing the traditional LCD LCD screen as the display unit of Android intelligent learning terminal, intelligent at the same time, paper-like display technology to fully care for children’s eye health.

The electronic paper itself does not emit light, removing the front light configuration, which is suitable for the healthy eye care requirements of students under deep learning;

The device has ultra-low power consumption design, which can work continuously for 3 to 4 weeks on a single charge;

The device supports electromagnetic handwritten input, connects with the cloud work platform through WiFi or 4G, and develops customized applications for students’ work based on the Android system. At the same time, the system is closed and becomes a special device for students’ work.

The device collaborates with the cloud operation platform to form the e-paper homework system, which is the preferred solution of the education informationization 2.0 student intelligent learning terminal.

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