Wireless Bluetooth electronic paper photo frame

Wireless Bluetooth color electronic paper photo frame, equipped with a 8.14-inch electronic paper display screen with new color display technology,
with a resolution of 1024×576. By using Bluetooth and the accompanying Android app, the photo frame can store multiple images simultaneously,
with a large number of exquisite background templates to choose from. The device supports quick updates and image carousel modes, and there are multiple battery options to choose from.

No SD card supports five pictures storage, long press the switch can open the carousel mode, short press can quickly update the screen; (software and hardware continue to develop and upgrade) Equipped with a large number of free delicate templates for selection;Supporting a delicate wooden storage box, can also do frame bracket Wireless Bluetooth color electronic paper photo frame, assembly E Ink brand new color display technology Spectra 6 of 8.14 inch electronic paper display screen, resolution 1024×576.Through Bluetooth and supporting Android APP use, can store multiple pictures at the same time, and a large number of delicate background templates optional, the device supports fast update and picture carousel mode, and a variety of battery options.The product is suitable for a variety of scenarios: eFrame/eMedal/eCalendar electronic photo frame/electronic medal/electronic calendar Software operation instructions:
 Click the link below to download APK: https://www.iepaper.com/zb_users/upload/2023/11/colorepaperphotoframe.apk
After the software installation is completed, the user registers and enters the main page.


Select the device and go to template Settings