7.3 inch two color electronic paper circulation box

7.3 inch electronic paper waybill, equipped with a mobile app to activate Bluetooth function,
one click delivery to adjust box waybill information

This is a recycling packaging case using 7.3-inch electronic paper sheet, with a screen resolution of 200 x 750. There is a supporting mobile APP, which enables Bluetooth function. After one-key binding of the device, the information update of the electronic paper sheet can be done.
Because the electronic paper itself has a unique paper-like aesthetic, bistable display characteristics, ultra-wide visual angle and other characteristics, it can perfectly replace the traditional paper sheet and realize paperless.
The box itself is light and durable, which can be recycled. The electronic paper sheet is equipped with a large capacity lithium battery, with ultra-long endurance capacity.
The product provides a feasible solution for the exploration of low-carbon environmental protection and recycling in the scenario of intelligent logistics.

PDF(Chinese&English):[7.3 inch two color electronic paper circulation box3-1]

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